PF Month19


The annual celebration of the Purple Flag programme, which recognises excellence in the management of the evening and night-time economy (ENTE) in the UK and Ireland, will be taking place during the whole month of October 2019.
Towns and cities across the country, including Kettering Town Centre, will be showcasing the quality, diversity and vibrancy of their ENTE, and also challenging the common negative, perceptions about the safety and quality of our town and city centres during the evening.

The ‘after dark’ economy is worth an estimated £72bn annually to the UK, supporting thousands of businesses, employing 4.5% of the UK workforce, and significantly contributing to local economies. #MonthofPurple intends to capture people’s imaginations, change perceptions and encourage people to do something different with their evening in a variety of locations.

Find out about what’s happening in Kettering